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Our Story

As per the World Bank, 50% of Indians live precariously close to the poverty line. This implies that approximately 650 million Indians, more than the combined population of the USA and Indonesia, earn an income equivalent to almost Rs. 1,400 (USD 20) a month.

According to an Oxfam report, India’s top 10% of the population holds 74.3% of the total national wealth while the bottom 90%, only 25.7%.

Stark income inequality coupled with our optimism in the belief that good deeds are just waiting to happen, influenced ShareALittle’s genesis. We aim to get the empowered people to empower others.

We strongly believe in the saying that “give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach the person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”. This is why we focus on causes where the funds raised empower, in one way or another, the recipients to build an independent life and break the shackles of poverty. Causes that enable quality education are the closest to our hearts.

In an ideal scenario, we envision that when you share a little on our platform, you are equipping someone with the right tools at the right time, to come back and further our cause someday!


When you have
more than you

build a longer table,

not a higher fence.

Why ShareALittle

At ShareALittle, we are OBSESSED with making sure that every donation has a valuable and long-lasting impact.

We have the best interests of our donors and recipients in mind.

The donors can be rest assured that, for any campaign that runs on our platform, we are convinced about the quality of the work that the organisation does, its long-term impact on society, its ability to improve people’s lives and the integrity of the management of these organisations.

Utilising the power of crowdfunding is a great way for organisations (campaign owners) to share their inspiration with the world. We will work with you closely on the strategy and development of your fundraiser. More importantly, you will become part of the ShareALittle community whereby you have access to a seamless platform with capabilities that ensure maximum social outreach and easy management of payments using technology.

Why should you share a little?

Research shows that giving makes us far happier than receiving. Thus, we are actually being both selfish and selfless by giving. Simply put, enriching the lives of others makes us all wealthier.

A study found that when people give to charities, it activates regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust, creating a “warm glow” effect. Scientists also believe that altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain, producing the positive feeling known as the “helper’s high.”

We want you to experience the joy of giving.

So, share a little because a little goes a long way!

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