Frequently Asked Questions

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a social cause, a project or a venture by raising money from a large number of people, especially via the internet

ShareALittle is a crowdfunding platform that brings together donors and those in need of funds to facilitate sharing of financial resources. We help raise funds for various kinds of social causes, with improving education for the underprivileged being the closest to our heart

Campaign – Any cause that we are raising funds for and you see on the website is referred to as a campaign e.g. campaign to raise funds to build a school

Campaign Owner – The NGO/Organisation that we are raising funds for is referred to as the Campaign Owner. e.g. an NGO that helps build schools for the underprivileged

Backers – Any person who makes a donation/monetary contribution to any campaign on our website is a backer

Beneficiary – The beneficiary is the ultimate person who benefits from the donations made e.g. the kids who will be attending the school constructed by the said NGO

Section 80G receipt – Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act allows you a tax deduction on donations made to any charitable organisation. The 80G receipt enables you to claim this deduction

You can either be a campaign owner or backer on our platform:

  1. Be a campaign owner and launch a campaign to raise funds for a cause you support

    It’s simple! Write to us at [email protected] or visit our website and click on “Start a Campaign
  1. Be a donor and support a cause running on the ShareALittle platform

    Browse the current campaigns and donate for a cause that you wish to support. After donating, share and spread the word for others to donate!

Credibility, trust and integrity are the core values at ShareALittle. 

When you donate via the ShareALittle platform, each rupee of your contribution is going towards a noble cause through a credible NGO and positively influencing someone’s life.

For every campaign that runs on our platform, we carry out a thorough due diligence of the campaign owner/NGO, the management of the NGO and the cause that they are raising funds for. 

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We have an established vetting process for every NGO associated with our platform. Some crucial steps of our vetting process involve:

  1. Mandatory submission of specified documents by the NGO
  2. Due diligence on the background, past work and impact of the work carried out by NGO
  3. Background and credibility check of the trustees/management of the NGO
  4. Personal communication and establishing a point of contact with a senior member of the NGO

We will send you an e-mail each time a significant milestone of the campaign is reached. Further, you can check the ShareALittle website and look at the updates section of any current or successful campaign

ShareALittle offers multiple payment options including Net banking, debit/credit card facility, UPI and various payment wallets


Currently, all campaigns on the ShareALittle platform are eligible for a Section 80G exemption.


After you make a donation, a receipt under Section 80G would be sent across via e-mail as and when an acknowledgement of the donation is received by us.

You can also download the 80G receipts from your dashboard on the ShareALittle website at any point later for all the donations that you make.


  1. Visit and on the top right click on: “Start a Fundraiser

    You will have to fill in certain information and submit the specified documents. We will get in touch with you within 1 business day and guide you from there.


  1. Write to us at [email protected]

In any case, the following documents will be required from you:

  1.   Incorporation Document/Registration Certificate/Trust Deed/Society deed (mandatory)
  2. PAN Card Copy (mandatory)
  3. 80G Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  4. Bank Account Information for Indian donations & a cancelled cheque of the account/previous month’s bank statement (mandatory)
  5. FCRA Certificate and Bank details & a cancelled cheque of the account (if applicable)

ShareALittle has an established process to select whether an individual/organization can run a campaign on our platform. If you meet our established standards and vetting process, you have met the criteria. To start a campaign write to us at [email protected] and we will guide you from there.

You can raise money for multiple causes ranging from education, digital devices, medical needs, hunger, shelter among others. Please write to us at [email protected] and we will guide you from there.

After your campaign is up and running, we handle everything for you.

At your end, you have to share the link to your fundraiser with all your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances etc. using various social media platforms

You can add updates to your story at any point to keep your backers and audience engaged. However, you cannot make any other changes to your campaign amount or cause

You can easily keep track of all details regarding your campaign on your dashboard. You will also receive a notification each time someone contributes to your campaign

You can run your campaign for any time period starting from 7 days up to 60 days. As per research, campaigns lasting longer than this are rarely successful. We recommend that you a run a campaign for 30 days or less

The funds are transferred within a maximum of 7 business days after the end of a campaign. Depending in the urgency of the cause of the campaign, the funds may also be withdrawn during the tenure of the campaign

Since the nature of our campaigns is such that the beneficiary will benefit even if a smaller part of his total requirement is raised, you will receive the funds raised, even if the goal amount is not met

Our success fee allows us to run ShareALittle seamlessly and provide you the best facility to raise funds for your cause. We also incur costs on building your campaign story, advertising the same across various platforms, the same is not charged to you as an additional cost. Click on to know more about the services we provide and our success fee

Yes, backers of your campaign can claim a benefit under Section 80G of the Income tax act. The certificate will be issued by the ShareALittle foundation

No. There is no fee to start a campaign on ShareALittle. You are only charged a success fee in amount raised. Click here to know more about our pricing :

You can reach out to us via whatsapp, email, or submit your query on our home page. See to reach out to us as per your preferred methods.

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