For the campaign owner, there is no fixed fee to start a campaign.

ShareALittle only charges a 8% platform fee on all funds successfully raised for the campaign.

Platform fee



Payment Gateway Fee
  • Platform fee: Fees are calculated as a percentage of funds successfully raised, not the set goal. Eg. if the set goal is Rs. 200 and the amount raised is Rs. 100, we will charge a platform fee of Rs. 8 (i.e. 8% of Rs. 100)

  • Awareness: We will take your campaign to the world at no additional costs.

  • Payment Gateway: This fee is charged by the payment gateway provider to facilitate a safe and secure transaction between our website and your bank.

  • International Payments: Payment gateway fee of 3% inclusive of 18% GST is chargeable on foreign payments. We also advice foreign donors to check with their banks about other charges that may be applicable.

The ShareALittle Advantage

Assisted Fund Raising
  • Quick approval of fund-raising campaign
  • Content creation (video & text)
  • Full entitlement to funds raised, even if the goal amount is not reached (Keep What You Raise)
  • Real time notification to campaign owners each time a donation is received
credit-card (1)
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Foreign payments accepted
  • Mobile friendly platform
  • Tax deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act available to donors
  • Access to ShareALittle’s network of donors
  • Social media outreach
  • Instant assistance from a dedicated campaign manager
  • Personalised fundraising dashboard (for campaign owners & donors)
  • Email/chat/phone support on any other query