Behind ShareALittle

ShareALittle is the brainchild of Trishla Pareek and Divya Singhal, who met at Welham Girls’ School, a boarding school in Dehradun.

The platform was formed with the idea to make the process of donating easier and thus get people to donate more often. It also gives NGOs an alternative way of raising funds. The founders identified that people are willing to help others in need but do not always do so. This is because of lack of transparency and general distrust in whether the contribution would reach the right person.

The duo decided to set-up an easy-to-use platform to help genuine NGOs to start fundraisers and spread the word about their campaign. They established a process to verify the authenticity of these NGOs and to ascertain whether the funds raised would be put to use for the intended purpose.

ShareALittle – a little goes a long way – our name and our motto literally express the vision of our endeavour – to get everyone to share a little – even if it’s a small amount, ever so often, and in turn make a big impact!

Founding Team


Meet Trishla

A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Trishla founded ShareALittle, with the aim to create an easy-to-use crowdfunding platform that successively nurtures an environment conducive of giving back and helping others.

Besides her financial skills and zeal for entrepreneurship, she brings to the table her creativity and problem-solving skills. Outside of work, she is an avid reader and enjoys baking.

Prior to founding ShareALittle, she worked as a finance due diligence analyst at EY for a year and as an audit assistant at Grant Thornton for 3 years. However, she knew all along that becoming an entrepreneur was her true calling.



Meet Divya

A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Divya started ShareALittle to bring alive her compassion for humanity and realise her long-time dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Apart from her finance skills, she brings on board great energy, team-building and people skills.

Outside her professional life, she is an ACSM-certified fitness trainer and wishes to realise her dream of running marathons world-over one day.

Prior to founding ShareALittle, she worked with HDFC Securities as an Equity Research Associate for over 2 years. Before that, she worked at EY for 3 years as an Audit Assistant.


Advisory Team


Chartered Accountant

Kapil Singhal

Having run his own CA practice for over 30 years, Mr. Singhal is our go-to person for all our compliance needs. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of taxation and law, he takes care of all our company filings. He also frequently engages in philanthropic endeavours and is associated with organisations such as Lions’ Club International, Resident Welfare Association, among others.


Suvigya Vidyarthi

An IPR and Contracts law specialist, Suvigya has been working at Vidyarthi and Associates, Advocates for more than 5 years. Given his vast experience in Civil, Criminal and Financial laws, we know that we have the best in-house law advice for all our legal matters. Among other clients, he also works closely with multiple non- profit organisations.

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