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Help sponsor the vocational skill courses of 12 young adults (or, care leavers) as they step out of their Child Care Institutions on turning 18 and enter the real world. The job-oriented skill training will empower these youngsters to build an independent life.

Donations made to this campaign are not eligible for 80G deduction.

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As per a report dated Dec-2016 by UNICEF and Udayan Care, there are 1.7 crore Children in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP) across India, of which only 3.7 lac (2%) are registered under Child Care Institutions (CCI).

CSA strives to ensure a future for the CNCP population and works towards providing family-like care to every child under institutional care. CSA not only ensures that their basic needs like good health hygiene, nutrition, and clothing are looked after but also ensures that these children have access to education and skill-based training to pursue a career of choice to fulfil their dreams. After ensuring that their basic needs (clothing, hygiene) and nutrition are provided for, CSA supports the educational and career aspirations of these children.

Once these children turn 18, they have to move out of their respective CCIs. As part of its ‘Livelihood and Aftercare’ program, CSA aims to make the children self-reliant and independent by providing them educational support and skill-based training so the care-leavers can realise their full potential.

Their impact: CSA has partnered with 87 CCIs across 4 Indian states (Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa) and supported 4,500+ children in FY 2020 alone. Over the last 19 years CSA has impacted the lives of over 20,000 children in need of care and protection to lead independent and successful lives. In the last 5 years, >200 adolescent children have been supported for higher education & skill training and 100+ young adults have been placed in jobs with monthly remuneration ranging between INR 8K-21K.

The fundraiser: ShareALittle has partnered with CSA to sponsor the training course fee for 12 such young adults or Care Leavers (CLs). The training courses cost approx. INR 28K per CL and range from a diploma in fashion designing to interior decoration from NIIFD and to that of AC repair and plumbing. The job opportunity post the course enables them to earn remuneration in the range of ~INR 8K-12K/month depending on their skills and expertise and also results in improved soft skills, confidence and bargaining power.

Together, we can empower these young adults to lead independent and self-reliant lives. Make a donation on the ShareALittle platform and spread the word of the campaign to your friends and family. Remember that each penny matters because a little goes a long way! Join the movement and be a Catalyst. #MainBhiCatalyst

All donations to this fundraiser are tax-deductible under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Dive deeper into and understand Aftercare more closely by reading our short report attached here.

By Catalysts for Social Action
Email: [email protected]
Location: Mumbai, India
  • 11-Jun-2021

    The fundraiser is now live

  • 15-Dec-2021

    Impact Update

    Your donation helped fund the vocational training fee of 3 students!

    1. Omkar Anand Khot (21 years) – Having lost his father at an early age, Omkar was enrolled in an institutional care home at the age of 11 owing to his family’s financial conditions. He has been molded, educated, and raised under institutional care since then. Post-class 12, given his keen interest in photography and design, Omkar chose to explore a career in this field. With the help of CSA, he is currently pursuing an online Diploma course in Graphics design from Anudip Foundation, and working alongside at Kolhapur.[Established in 2007, Anudip is a Kolkata-based NGO that aims to empower young job aspirants through ed-tech enabled training and skill-building courses]  
    2. Bharati Navnath Shinde (17 years) – After her father’s passing, her mother admitted Bharati into a child-care institution (CCI) for her holistic upbringing and care. CSA got in touch with her post her graduation from school to help her with her higher education. Through financial help (boarding, lodging, and tuition fee) from CSA, today Bharati is pursuing a course in ‘Computer Numeric Control’ from Rasquinha Don Bosco Technical Institute at Chakan, Pune Click here to hear her talk about her journey with CSA.
    3.  Sneha Tukaram Thorat (18 years) – Sneha is an orphan. She was admitted to a Nasik-based CCI by her neighbors after she lost her second parent at the age of 9. Post turning 18, she was among the small percentage of girls to be able to get a transfer to an ‘Aftercare Home’. Sneha wanted to attain financial independence at the earliest so she can take care of her own needs. Because she was interested in the healthcare space, she decided to become a ‘Caregiver’ and supplemented the basic caregiver course with an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife course (ANM), which she is currently pursuing thanks to the support from CSA and you!Click here to hear her express her gratitude to CSA for helping her through her life.

    Hear from the beneficiaries directly about their upcoming career aspirations -


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Anonymous 8,000
Adwait Pisharody 1,000 It's a fabulous initiative to ensure that children from childcare homes build the life that they desire. All the best!
Anonymous 3,750
Vikas Kumar 2,100 Everyone should support this incredible fundraiser because it is for a great cause and my donation empowers somebody!
Anil Ghelani 1,000 Great initiative by Share A Little - the cause SCA is working on is great. All the best.
Anonymous 100
Rinku Agarwal 5,000
Anonymous 7,500
Anonymous 10,000 Happy to be able to do my bit. I hope that the donation goal is reached at the earliest for this wonderful cause.
Anonymous 10,000


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Will I get a deduction under the Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for making a donation to CSA?

Donations made to this campaign are not eligible for 80G deduction.

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