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Help the hearing-impaired children at EAR society to buy digital tablets so they can continue studying from home.

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, India

In a country that has over 28 national languages, Rhea Mishra did not speak at all. She is 1 among the 1,00,000 children that are born with hearing deficiency each year.  99% of hearing-impaired children are either uneducated or drop out of school every year.

When the child is from an economically weaker background, the parents’ hardship multiplies manifolds. Having a child with hearing loss can be expensive. There are hearing aids to buy, speech therapy to go to, and many other associated costs. 

Rhea is hearing-impaired and comes from an underprivileged family.

Like all other parents, Rhea’s parents dream of a future where Rhea is an independent adult and has all the opportunities that are available to her peers.

Research suggests that children who are born deaf and who receive appropriate interventions within six months of age are at par with their hearing peers in terms of language development by the time they are five years old. 

 The Education Audiology and Research Society (EAR Society) has made it possible for kids like Rhea to lead an independent life. They teach oral communication with the conviction that given appropriate and early education, deaf children can learn to speak, understand the speech of others and communicate effectively. They help kids coming from economically weaker backgrounds. To know more about the organisation, please the link- http://www.earsociety.com/home.php#. 

However, the covid-19 pandemic, has emerged as another roadblock for the hearing impaired students at EAR Society. Early intervention and continuous learning are very crucial for them. Being especially vulnerable, there is no certainty as to when these kids can return to their schools. However, with digital devices such as laptops, tablets and smart-phones, they can continue learning from home.

No digital device, no learning. Getting involved in household chores during these times, there is a risk that these students may lose interest, motivation and never return to learning. While a laptop or a tablet might be a necessity for most, it is still a luxury for many.

ShareALittle’s mission is to raise money to enable EAR Society to purchase digital learning devices (laptops & tablets) for Rhea and other kids like her, enrolled with them. This will ensure that these kids continue learning from home and prevent them from dropping out of school.

YOU CAN HELP turn around someone’s life and ensure that they continue going to school.

Help empower the kids at EAR Society by donating now.

Share a little because a little goes a long way!

By EAR Society
Website: www.earsociety.com
Email: [email protected]
Location: Mumbai, India
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Anonymous 5,000
Navjot Thind 5,000
Bake-A-Little Event by ShareALittle 10,000 The best way to celebrate christams season and the joy of giving!
Sehej Anand 1,500 Way to go Share A Little!
Anonymous 5,000
Tvisha Nevatia 1,000
Anonymous 5,000
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Keshav Aggarwal 1,500
Anonymous 1,000
Lakshi Sibal 1,000 Let's reach that mark!
Anonymous 500
Shubha Bharadwaj 1,000
Anonymous 5,000
Divya Bhatia 100
sejal bansal 1,000 Great Initiative Guys !
Shruti Mehra 2,500
Sejal Bansal 4,000
Vaibhav Mandhana 5,000
Anonymous 100 Little goes a ling way
Anonymous 1,000 Share a little with share a little!
Nohar Malhotra 10,000
Anonymous 5,000
Priyanshi Gupta 1,000
Deepak Dhankani 1,000
Rutvi Chokshi 1,000 So proud of you girls. Shine on!
Rajesh Vyas 5,000 Wish you all the best
Gavin Desa 1,000
Superna Motwane 2,000
Tejaswi Jain 2,000 Great Initiative!
Anonymous 1,000
Anonymous 1,000
Sahaya Sharma Kapur 5,000
Pranav Singhal 2,500 Great initiative! All the best!
Shrey Singhal 500
Ram Kumar Jain 500 My best wishes go out to the kids at EAR society!
Anonymous 1,000 Great initiative! Good luck :)
Maithili and Shashank Singh 25,000
Anonymous 11,000
Anonymous 5,000
Anonymous 100 Share a little with share a little!
Anonymous 5,000
Anonymous 1,000 This is a great initiative ! Good luck ShareALittle !
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