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Help Karma Foundation meet its medical treatment cost for rescued dogs 

We organised an ART festival to raise more funds from March 4 to 20, 2022. Artwork by: Nina Das

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Charity Art Festival: We hosted a charity art festival from March 4th to 20th in association with artist Nina Das to help Karma Animal Foundation. Contact us in case of queries!


Rani was rescued, treated, and released back to her territory after a 4-month stay with us.

Full of reluctance and anxiety, I drove her back to her territory where she always lived.

She seemed to be exuberant meeting her old friends and they welcomed her back sniffing her and letting her settle in her old resting place. When I left, she did not bother running behind me and in a way, I was relieved, yet a feeling of emptiness loomed over.

I went to check on her for a couple of days and she seemed calm. We continued sending food for her and her friends every day so that her meals were secured.

One day, I stood in my drawing room sipping my cold coffee and to my utter surprise, I saw a dog with a collar staring towards my house. I opened the door and stepped into my lawn only to realize that Rani was back. I called out to her and she whimpered softly, wagging her short tail. To my utter joy, I welcomed her back with a big hug.

About us: Rani is just one of over 82 rescued dogs that we have at our shelter. Established in September 2016, my foundation, Karma, is devoted to giving rescues a secure shelter and meeting their basic needs of food, medication, care, and love. We also feed another 100 stray dogs on a daily basis. One of our priorities is also neutering and spaying of our dogs to reduce puppies on the streets, who are subjected to all kinds of abuse.

The rising medical costs: Our monthly expenses comprising of food, medical bills, staff salaries, fuel expenses total to over INR 450K a month. But of late, our medical bills have shot up significantly. In November 2021, the month-on-month increase in medical bills was 13x to INR 245K. For December too, the run rate till the 23rd has been INR 230K+. We expect these bills to remain near the same range over the next 2 months as well because the current treatments are recurring.

Among others, currently, we have 6 dogs undergoing regular treatments driving up the bills –

  1. Jimmy: An old dog who has now developed liver issues as well as spondylosis. Needs regular doses of medications and drips
  2. Kallu: He is paralyzed. Because of lack of movement, he has now developed bedsores, and muscle atrophy too. Of late, his creatinine levels (in the kidney) have shot up as well. He needs to be taken to the vet every 2-3 days for a drip to keep his kidney stable
  3. Daisy: Another paralysed dog that has developed liver issues, Daisy recently also had her uterus removed as it was badly infected. Since her creatinine levels are high too, we need to take her to the vet every 10 days for the next 3 months to keep her kidney stable
  4. Vanilla: She, too, is experiencing a kidney issue as her creatinine levels are higher than normal, requiring regular medical attention
  5. Karan: A new addition to our family, Karan has got a paw injury that developed into black stool (or melena). He throws up every now and then
  6. Brownie: Recently bitten by two dogs, Brownie has a big wound for which she has to undergo laser therapy every day till her wounds heal

Average medicine bills a day for the month of December have been north of INR 10K*. And we have bills to back this up.

Screenshot 2021 12 23 at 1.34.22 PM

*Source: Cessna Lifeline

How you can help: These bills are a big cause of concern for us. These furry babies need your help!

Ever since time immemorial, dogs have been a man’s best friend. In recent times, pet parents have increased magnificently, changing the outlook of life lived and shared in cuddles, treats, buddy adventures, and belly rubs.

Yet, India remains home to about 6.2 crore stray dogs, devoid of shelter, food, and care. Life is fragile for humans and animals alike. With the onset of the lockdown, city roads turned into stretches of deserts leaving the furry pals ghosted.

We are raising INR 350K to cater to the rising medical bills of our babies over the months of December to February.

“Right to live cannot be conditioned.” With the same motto, we strive to save lives beyond humankind.

If adoption is a kinder act, so is empowering a fellow hooman! If you cannot adopt, donate to empower Karma Animal Foundation to take care of these dogs. Your small contribution can treat someone, and save a life!

Let’s come together to share a little for these voiceless creatures. Let’s come together to save their lives. Please contribute now!

By Karma Animal Foundation
Website: http://www.karmaanimalfoundation.com/
Email: [email protected]
Location: Gurugram, India
  • 23-12-21

    Fundraiser open

    Fundraiser is now live

  • 15-02-2022

    Fundraiser closed

    Thank you for all your support for the fundraiser!

  • 21-03-2022

    Impact Update

    Your donation helped treat 3 dogs

    Thanks to you, Daisy and Brownie are getting better! Sadly, Champ succumbed to his injuries. Here is the link to an invoice for your reference.

    More details here.            

    Thank you for your generous donations!

  • 31-3-2022

    Utilisation post the Charity Art Fest

    Thank you for supporting our Charity Art Festival, in collaboration with artist Nina Das, proceeds from which helped treat 10 rescued dogs at Karma Animal Foundation (KAF). We want to sincerely thank you for your generosity in helping with the following medical costs over March 2022 –   1. Medical treatment cost of Lalu, Jimmy, Snowy, Kalu, Sheetal, Gypsy, Arjun and Brownie,   2. Vaccination of two pups, and   3. Purchase their medicines   An invoice is attached here for your reference. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you again for being a backer.

Name Donate Amount Remarks
Charity Art festival 143,000
Anonymous 1,000
Anonymous 5,000
Madhu Chandhok 5,000 We all need to do our bit to save our best friends and be kind to them and do our bit 🙏🏻
Anonymous 1,000
Udayan Rathore 5,000 Great work Divya. Kudos to you.
Anil Ghelani 2,500 I dont have time to go and support or care for these fury friends. Your Matching Drive on Republic Day is a great initiative team #ShareALittle! All the best.
Anonymous 10,000
Anonymous 500
Anonymous 2,500
Anonymous 10,000
Anonymous 5,000
Aditya Chatterjee 5,000
Bhargavi Kannan 10,000
Anonymous 5,000
Anonymous 10,000


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Will I get a deduction under the Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for making a donation to KAF?

Yes, the donors are eligible for a deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act on their donation to KAF.

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Can I make a donation using an international card?

International payments are not currently acceptable for this campaign. Please use your Indian debit/credit card to make your donation. If you are an Indian citizen, we also accept international donations in the form of direct bank transfer. Please reach us via WhatsApp/email/phone for our bank details.

What is the Art Fest about?

ShareALittle has collaborated with internationally renowned artist Nina Das to host a charity art festival from March 4th to 20th to raise additional funds for Karma Animal Foundation.

A collection of 45 assorted paintings is up for grabs at very attractive prices. The artwork is available in two sizes - 31x22 inches and 11x15 inches - and each piece will be accompanied by an authenticity certificate.

For queries, please get in touch with us!

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