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This Christmas, gift smartphones to the deserving Vahani Scholars so that they can gain access to online learning platforms

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, India

Meenakshi Yadav, who comes from the rural area of Unnao district, topped her school with an aggregate of 97% in class 12. She is the eldest among her four siblings and her family does not have the means to afford education for all their children.

However, Meenakshi is an ambitious young woman who understands the value of good education. She applied to Vahani Scholarship Trust, a program that offers full financial aid and mentorship through undergraduate studies, and got selected. Through the program, she can realise her dream of pursuing Bachelors in Journalism from Lady Shri Ram (LSR), University of Delhi.

Vahani Scholarship is working tirelessly to provide its scholars, who come from challenging circumstances, across India with financial support and personal mentorship to enable their admission in top Indian universities, and go on to learn and thrive.

Financial difficulties and gender biases are something that Meenakshi has had to deal with on the regular. Her challenges did not end by getting into LSR. Courtesy the Covid-19 pandemic, colleges resumed classes in an online format from Sep-2020. Unfortunately, purchasing a smartphone to continue her classes is still a distant dream for Meenakshi. She managed to borrow her aunt’s old phone to manage for the time-being but this is only a temporary fix.

There are 37 other scholars like Meenakshi who are enrolled in the Vahani scholarship program for 2020 and are in a dire need of smartphones. Digital devices are no longer a luxury that they used to be in the pre-Covid-19 era. These devices are not only required to continue online learning but also have become an integral part of university curriculum in our country. The Indian Education sector has made giant leaps in terms of digitisation. Unfortunately though, some students have a tough time trying to keep up with it given their financial constraints.

However, all hope is not lost. There is a way that you can you make a difference in the lives of the Vahani scholars! Help make the struggles of these scholars a little easier. Your contribution will help us deliver the smartphones directly to these young adults.

Make a donation on the ShareALittle platform and spread the word of the campaign to your friends and family. Remember that each penny matters because a little goes a long way!

By Vahani Scholarship Trust
Email: [email protected]
Location: Noida, India
Name Donate Amount Remarks
Anonymous 2,500
Anonymous 2,500
Ravi Rakyan 5,600 Great effort
Syed Faiz Hasan 7,500
Diya Lambah 5,000 Rashmani, what a lovely cause
Ashok Rekhi 40,000 Aspire and study well, success shall come you way.
Rita Joshi 5,000
Hargun Anand 500
Vrinda Patney 5,500 The Vahani fundraiser is a special one because it is enabling higher education for exceptionally bright students who would have otherwise not even had a shot at education. Way to go!
Jaywant Rao 7,500
Anonymous 7,500
Jyoti Sidhu 6,000
Radhika Puri 6,000 Excellent initiative. The scholars will be thrilled
Davinder Singh 7,500 These children are very special and deserving - please contribute to secure their future!
Anonymous 5,000
Aditi Diwan 7,500
Mandakini Puri 20,000 It’s great cause to provide these motivated students with today’s necessity to stay connected and informed.
Rashmani Singh 6,000 Support this terrific initiative to arm these deserving students with today’s essential tools

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  1. Rashmani Singh
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    ShareALittle is doing amazing work and is a superb platform. Credible and committed to social causes across a diverse cross section of different causes. Kudos to the campaign managers. Carry on the great work, ladies. Thank you.

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